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 Humanity << Characters

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PostSubject: Humanity << Characters   Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:15 pm

ℱ A M I L Y ☟

➤ Leader

⊱ Christopher Prise
⊱ Seventeen ⊱ Tanned skin and a hard jawline, Chris always has a 5 'oclock shadow. Black tousled hair falls in front of his eyes and sweeps to the side, even though it ends up falling into his pale green eyes. He is built, but not huge like an oak. He stands 5'7", with scars running down his body from fights, with countless vampire-fang scars. He almost always has a stern frown and his eyes seem vacant. Wearing a simple black shirt and jeans, Chris is always pushing himself, making his leaned body more toned. ⊱ Practical and quiet, Chris is the type of leader that will always speak solemnly, but bring reassurance to his family. They are all he has left, after his parents betrayal - his betrayal - his memories haunt his days, as well as night terrors that he has frequently, but will never expose this to anyone, even though everyone already knows by now. He hates how everyone knows his weaknesses, which makes him feel like he has everything to prove to everyone. He tries to push himself to the point of exhaustion quite frequently, and ends up passing out each night. He has become somewhat numb, and has lost a lot of his childish empathy and playfulness. He is always serious, and doesn't take joking to idly. Most people have learned to back off of him by now. But he is fiercely protective, and gives everyone a sense of safety. ⊱ Temporary Mind Control (Lasts up to 5 minutes.) ⊱ Blood Type AB ⊱ Fox

➤ Second-In-Command

⊱ Elijah Avery
⊱ 18 ⊱ He doesn't look eighteen- oddly enough, Elijah Avery looks older than that- perhaps in his twenties, most likely. Ontop of that, he matches none of what normal teenagers would- hailing from London (although rapidly loosing the accent), Elijah Avery is a short young man with mousy brown hair, and equally as brown eyes. Besides this, his looks are nothing to bore you with- he's a little piercing, so-to-say. Inexorably, he is a man of pointed edges, and constant frowns and temper. He's short, not incredibly so, but enough to note that he's more likely just faintly taller than the average female. However much he's skinny, it doesn't do well for someone in a situation he is, to be *how* he is. ⊱ How he is. How is he? What makes up for his lack in physical dexterity, anyways? Well he's not creative, crafty, a good runner, silent, or any of those very physical things. However he is smart, intelligent, savvy and exceedingly science-orientated. With as much obviousness as possible, Elijah is arrogant with a cause, and is quick to be the more mindful one in a situation. With more downfalls, however, he is also rather cranky. Rather- hah. Alright, he's incredibly spiteful, and rather sarcastic, as well. He has a dry sense of humor, and rarely smiles (although when he does, its most disturbing). I'm not saying he's secretly evil, because in no way is he; but with dark lines under his eyes, and the usual complaint of a headache, like many things, he's angsty within reason. Often times Elijah can make an unlikely friend, though, and tends to be calmer and kinder near to people he enjoys. Within the social status of the supernaturals, he's all business, though. ⊱ Shape shifter ⊱ AB ⊱ Lili

➤ Fighters/Hunters/Gatherers

⊱ Harley Graham
⊱ Fifteen ⊱ Dark, dyed blood-red locks fall just above her collarbone, with bangs that fall off behind her ears. Delicate features don't mask her ballerina frame, with a very small build and hardly any curve to her. I wouldn't call her pretty; She has a unique beauty to her one that makes her noticeable, but not the stereotypical "hottie," and she likes it better that way. She is built more like a 13-year-old, instead of her 15-year-old body. Standing 5'2", Harley has deep blue eyes with white/gray flecks. Her eyes always seem chipper and bright. She has somewhat short legs. Freckles cover the bridge of her nose, as well as her high cheekbones. She has lightly tanned skin, with a few freckles spaced around her body. Her small, delicate frame makes her look quite young and fragile, but she tries not to be. Harley has tattoos covering her shoulders - of colorful flowers, vines, and arrows. ⊱ Fun and bright, Harley likes to sometimes be a showoff. She is quite adventurous and curious to the natural world, which can be a blessing and a curse. She can sometimes get into trouble, while at other times solve their problems by stumbling upon something. Harley can sometimes be clumsy and trip over her own feet. She is an optimist, and brings the whole family together with her positive words. She is stubborn about her ways and hard-headed. Harley is drawn to dark, mysterious things like the paranormal. SHe has a craving for adventure and fun, although she can sometimes be a bit pushy. She liked to tease others, but only with the best intentions. Because of her power to bend metal.iron, her body has a deficiency for the minerals, making her anemic. She sometimes goes into phases of throwing up and shaking, because of her condition. Harley is terrified to fail, and always wants to prove to others - but really herself - that she's worthy of others friendships. ⊱ Bend Metal/Iron. ⊱ Blood Type A ⊱ Fox

⊱ Caroline Esther ⊱ 14 ⊱ Caroline (Carlie as her friends call her) is a sweet but odd looking girl. She has dyed completely white hair the pat curls at the bottom, reaching her chest. Her eyes and bright yellow with white flecks. She often wears leggings and long sleeve shirt in which she slides up the sleeves to her elbow. She is an average height (5'5") and has a rather thin but built body. Though she is young she has 2 tattoos. One on her right wrist that is a small black heart and one on her left ring finger winding up her arm to her elbow that is a bright blue vine. She has an untouched face except for a small scar above her right eyebrow which she does not like to talk about. She tends to be a bit of a monkey as well. Anything that is somewhat climb able she will be up there climbing it. ⊱ Carlie has a sure-of-herself personality. She always assumes she's right and everyone else is wrong not to mention she does not like to become attached to anyone. She is very very hard to get to know. She will talk to you but never about herself (unless somehow you get it out of her). ⊱ She can control small amounts of electrical power, but she must draw it from an energy source (this also means she cannot be electrocuted). ⊱ A ⊱ ƒaux

⊱ Karou Chase ⊱ Seventeen ⊱ Upon first glance, Karou Chase's body is not taken in, nor her hair. Her height, her waist, all of it is looked past, straight into the depths of her captivating, icy crystalline blue eyes. As clear as day, these electrifying orbs are soul searching, and she can see right through you, on the occasion that she's actually looking. In emphasis of their shocking hue, a cyan blue ring circles her iris like a lens-adding another thing to register as whoever she's speaking to attempts to manage her stare. Despite the coldness of the shade, however, her eyes usually hold a welcoming element, one that is usually overlooked by those lost in her gaze. Her eyes are framed by thick, long black lashes that sweep up and are also emphasized by the contrast in color with her eyes. Karou is a minor fan of the 'smokey eye' look, only doing that on the occasion that she actually wears makeup. Above her eyes are dark, mocha colored eyebrows, which thin out as they near the edge of her eyes. They're not wild and astray, but they stick out almost as much as her eyes as well as bring them out. Her hair line rests inches above her eyebrows, with long blonde hair sweeping down to the small of her back. Karou's hair is naturally wavy, with auburn and caramel highlights streaking through the beachy waves. Her bangs sweep from the far left of her head to her right ear like a curtain. She has a heart-shaped face, with high, visible cheekbones and a small, slightly upturned nose which she sports rather well. Her lips are full, somewhat plump, a light pink tinge fading to her pale, almost satin skin, which is splashed with a few freckles around her cheeks. Her skin is smooth, and has somewhat of a cream tinted edge. She has a slender neck which curves into average sized shoulders and well sculpted collarbones. She has an overall willowy build with a petite, hourglass figure and a bust size that cooperates with her body shape. Her legs are toned and well detailed on account of shape and such, though they aren't lengthy, leaving her overall height at a pristine 5'6". She has some insecurities but doesn't care much for them, wearing them with wavering pride. Her thighs are somewhat large, as a result of years of horseback riding, only a slight space between them. Her preference in setting is nature, the great outdoors, as she's spent much of her life, a whole 18 years, outside of the walls of her country home in the wonderfully, searingly hot Arizona sunlight. She weighs a good 105 pounds, where she has a strange perception that her weight and height don't coordinate, pinning that to her list of insecurities. You could classify her as a regular teenage girl. Regular insecurities, somewhat regular family. She's a victim of her own self comprehension and understanding, preventing her from shedding her outer layers and revealing her true self. For lack of a better word, Karou maintains a overall 'chill' image. She's quite relaxed, unless her temper flares (which is quite easy to ignite) and buddy, you're in for it. She's charismatic and willing to talk to others, though she's not overly-enthusiastic. She has moments or animation, however, consisting in spurts of energy that lead to spontaneous outbursts and such. She has a bubbly laugh and a heartwarming smile. Both are subtle at times, and at other moments they're vivid, free, and undomesticated. When you've seen her laugh till tears warm her cheeks, you haven't seen the real, down-to-earth, natural Karou, just the one that masks her disposition until she feels comfortable around you. If she's mean, it means one of two things. Either she feels enough at home with you that she feels you'll remain unoffended by her remark and is joking, or she dislikes you eccentrically and doesn't mind your opinion.
Good luck finding out which.
She's not depressed or in any sort of pain, she's just got extreme paranoia and a reserved first come disposition. She has a tendency to try to please others as much as possible and is actually quite content on her position in life at this very moment. She has ferocious mood swings, is quite energetic and believes she has trust issues, whereas she trusts very easily and can lead to broken promises and pain in the bitter end. She fears the dark (or what's in it) and mental pain as a result of abandonment or pain inflicted by another.
One thing about Karou though - she's stoic, but blatantly honest. If you ask her what's wrong, she'll tell you with a benign smile and move on with her day. She maintains a calm essence, not panicking in stressful situations unless a loved one is in direct danger or at risk of an imminent death, where even then she searches swiftly and reliably for solutions, however jittery or frightened she may be. Being incredibly quick-witted, she is able to think on her toes, which can be very helpful. She has a strong intellect and a practicality to her, despite the fact that she's a think outside of the box type of person, and often has her head up in the clouds. Due to her tendencies of overthinking, she tends to see past the simple things to come up with larger, more complex solutions to minor problems. Whenever she does something, she goes all out and sees past the consequences of failure, being so adaptable. She either receives satisfying results or it ends up being an utter failure, though she can see past it and attempt it again. She insists upon multi tasking, disliking missing out on anything and due to this, she completes everything on a near last-minute basis. She's incredibly soft, not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings, and second changes are a strong must for her. It takes a very long time for her to grow attached to something and by then, it's a strong (usually mutual) bond and very difficult to break. She's somewhat open-minded, only telling those close to her things that many others happen to be unaware of. Karou is incredibly trust-worthy and though she may grow excited about a secret, she'll guard it well, not letting anyone else in on it unless with strict permission or it's absolutely necessary in a thick situation. Karou will worm her way our of instructions if she believes it is wrong - she may even do the opposite. But don't take it personally - it's a 'do it for the greater good' state of mind in which she resides. She's very loyal, and excellent companion and although she enjoys the company of others, she's strong and independant and there are moments where she prefers solitude. Being so versatile, she is used to change and will adapt to it when necessary, though she frowns upon it even though it may benefit her in the end. However, being adaptable has its flaws, and she often overthinks things out of proportion and/or changes her mind much to often on a topic. She's terrible at decision making, mainly because she could cope with any option and therefore tries to select one that would benefit others as well as herself. Oh, and word of advice? Don't tell Karou what to do unless you are her direct superior or a 60 foot mass of intergalactic, bone-crushing steel or something will go down and I can nearly guarantee sweet, charming little Karou will snap at you or completely dismiss you and move on as if you hadn't spoken. Karou is incredibly courageous (or portrays that trait) and would risk her life for anything that matters to her. She lacks a pretentious element, only seeking to assist others. Integrity plays a powerful role in her life, being raised on the exact quote ; "Do it for the greater good." She has a passion embedded in her heart and likes to take her chances without a solid outcome. She only truly takes your opinion into consideration if she cares about you. Her tendency to overthink usually ends up hurting her, although she does her best not to allow other's opinions drag her down.
Depending on the situation, Karou can either be incredibly stubborn or incredibly lenient, though you'll need to be diligent to convince her of anything. She's very gullible and can get restless and impatient, and will snap of she's forced to wait.
Now, Karou and romance? That's an awkward combination. Karou tends to be attracted to the rebellious, bad boy types, though she has really met anyone special within her 18 years of life. Truth is, she really hasn't grown close enough to anyone to fall in love. Sure, she's had little crushes, but nobody has really come along that she'd obsessed over, gracing them with every ounce of her attention. Once she's acknowledged she's fallen for someone, however, she falls hard, becoming completely infatuated.
Karou has a strange yearning for adrenaline and action, and always wants to be assisting and helping out in one way or another. She's willing to do dumb, dangerous things for the sole purpose of her entertainment, so it's smart not to let her go off on her own in risky environments very often. ⊱ Her power is what concerns her the most. She feels as if she's too in control, that she knows too much and in the end, in might hurt herself or another. Her ability? She can see the future. Through dreams, short visions that are cut short by the dense reality, it's different everytime and always, she prepares for the worse. She'll zone out, stiffen, and maybe collapse if experiencing such. ⊱ Blood Type O ⊱ Clover

⊱ Quinn Shanley ⊱ Eighteen ⊱ Quinn is a fairly tall girl at eighteen years of age, although she can often seem older than that. She has a plain appearance and she usually blends in for there is nothing that stands out about her. She mostly lacks individuality and style, and has quite a boyish physique. Her hair is coarse and straight and jaggedly cut short in a messy, careless style because she finds it the most practical, and she cares minimally about appearances. She also has long, straight bangs that end just before her eyes. She has a slightly broad and flat nose, small ears and quite small, dark brown eyes. Descending from a Chinese mother and American father, she bears similarities to the both of them. Quinn prefers to wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes, but provided that it is something that she can move easily in, she doesn’t care much for any of that. She likes to be protected and will usually make sure that she is carrying in the very least a good knife on her person. ⊱ Quinn is a soft spoken and mostly quite withdrawn character, and she’s rarely the one to start a conversation. She dislikes loudness and over-excitement, so whilst she will be enthusiastic about some things, she never really expresses much energy. She’s happy to reply to others though, and still wants her opinions to be heard if she feels that she has something valuable to add. She’s extremely bad at judging the emotions and thoughts of other people and speaks with honest bluntness, saying exactly what she thinks and nothing else. To those unprepared this can be a blow, but when it comes to seeking advice and thoughts, you can depend on Quinn to tell the truth. She doesn’t really get affectionate with anybody and almost always values people by their qualities instead of her emotion attachment to them. (that is, if she even has any.) She has a tendency to be a little selfish but she’s still open-minded and wants others to know about what she can do even though she rarely seems like a show-off. She’s very intelligent and logical and often simply gets lost in her own thoughts. Quinn is serious and straightforward and chooses what is most practical first. Her mind-set therefore makes her quite cold-hearted and shallow but it is not to say that she could find emotional attachments, she simply lacks them currently. Jokes and games rarely amuse her and she would much rather pass time in other ways doing something useful. Her intelligence and seemingly logical mind is put at a disadvantage at the fact that she is too quick to believe others on matters she is unfamiliar with because she thinks that if she is always honest, everybody else will be too. It makes her too easy to trick and trip up. ⊱ She is able to detect certain things in the characters of others, such as their worries, secrets and intentions. However, she generally keeps this knowledge to herself even if this knowledge helps her to deduce what has or could happen. ⊱ Blood type A ⊱ Tempo

⊱ Davin Reich ⊱ Seventeen ⊱ Davin tends to act what his name means. Davin meaning 'bright, happy' (originating from Scandanavia, where Davin was born) is the essence of this average height, slightly tan skinned boy. He has light sun freckles that dot his face on the bridge of his nose to his cheek bones. His eyebrows are thin but a bit bushy and are the same cinnamon brown as his 'skater-style' hair. No, he is not lined with bulging muscles, in fact he isn't all that strong, having skinny appendages and body. This mainly because he is a flight type of person rather than fight. He is quite a fast runner, being on the track team before this big mess started. He has light blue eyes that are darker in the middle and flecked with orange and dark blue. They tend to be bright and cheery as Davin tends to see the brighter side of things, although, when reality hits, he still tries to wear a weak smile. He has a thin nose and thin lips, his lips a pale pink and close to the color of his skin. He tends to wear t-shirts and jeans, more leaniant towards blues than anything else. ⊱ Davin is a rather easy-going, understanding person. He almost always wears a smiles on his face (even when he's being beaten to a pulp). This meaning he is also defiant when showing pain and weakness. He is a bit nervous around new people, and tends to be jumpy. If you were to describe him as an animal, deer would be the perfect choice. When you get to know him he can be sweet and wise, but he tends to stray from the truth. Seeing things only good when really they aren't. And this ends up hurting him most of the time. ⊱ He has the ability to become invisible for as long as he likes. Although, after a few minutes he has to hold his breath. He can also become invisible with up to two others (as long as he has a hand on each at all times), but the time that he can breath is much shorter. If a substance is thrown on him it will also become invisible, and shortens the breathing time only slightly. ⊱ AB ⊱ ƒaux

⊱ Eric Williams ⊱ Sixteen ⊱ Eric stands at around 6'1 and weighs just over 170 pounds. He has white hair that he keeps cut close to his head, and it's a very sensitive subject for him. His eyes are strange, having res pupils and a lighter red irises. He has an average build with a fair amount of muscle on him, and he's stronger than he appears to be. Eric's face has two notable scars, one scar runs sideways across his entire face and is just about a half inch under his eyes. The other runs vertically down the left side of his face and just misses his left eye. His pale skin, white hair, and red eyes all show that he was born an albino, and is now an albino vampire. Eric had a decent childhood, though he had few friends and was sheltered because his parents feared others would treat him badly. At age 12 he lost both of his parents and was left abandoned. He is typically very shy, and what he experienced living on his own has made him cold and apathetic. Generally he doesn't trust anyone he doesn't already know, and it takes a lot to gain his trust even once he knows you. Eric hates being a vampire, which led him to attacking another vampire and got him kicked out of the coven. He's now a loner, living on his own all over again. Eric has no preferences for blood, as he is usually half-starved and takes whatever he can get. ⊱ Bloody

➤ Little Ones

⊱ Demetria "Demi" Evering
⊱ Seven ⊱ Even at just seven years old, Demetria is recognisably quite small and is thin and rather pale-skinned, however nonetheless her young and innocent face gives her a look of brightness and health. Her name is usually nicknamed affectionately by those close to her to Demi, which she much prefers to her full name, which is normally only used when she'd being spoken to seriously to get her attention. She has soft and very dark brown, almost black hair with natural light curls. Her eyes are amber-brown in colour, and have a child-like wideness and spark to them. Other than her eyes, her facial features are small and defined. ⊱ Demi hates being left out and wants to know everything that happens, even when it's things that she is too young to understand. She excitable and extremely curious - sometimes too much for her own good - and hates any violence or hurt at any times. She's afraid of pain and can get very panicked if she feels threatened or unsure. She looks up to those older than her, taking them as her example. She yearns for attention and love even at the most inconvenient of times which can make her a bit of a pest, but it's not on purpose. She will almost always do what is asked but only with reasonable explanation. Demi wishes to know exactly the reason for everything asked of her. Her need for attention means that she can't stand to be alone for long periods of time. She tries her best to help when she can, but actually her help isn't often all that helpful, but she can't see this. Demi can be very naive and the truth can hit her hard. ⊱ Ability to read memories. However, she usually sees them as quick images and are difficult to depict at times. ⊱ Blood Type B ⊱ Tempo

➤ Loners

⊱ Pierre Pascal
⊱ 19 ⊱
Pierre Pascal is a young man just out of his teenage years, with curly black hair, and a pointed sort of nose. He's someone with extravagant charm, as well as a tone of voice whereas he could get away with saying anything, and he'd, still, come off as a charmer. Pierre Pascal, as you may have guessed, has deep french roots and had lived in the country up until he was fifteen, when he came to work for a nice restaurant, one known for it's exceptional services and good cousine. He became a sort of romantic with the idea of foods, and it was a sort of passion for him throughout his life (quite frankly, he did little to escape the average 'french' stereotypes). Something notable about Pastal, however, is that he is a person of deceit. It seems whenever you talk to him, he has on two different faces, and although he remains a calm but 'passionately interested' demeanor, if provoked, could become quickly angered. Luckily, the young Frenchmen isn't anyone to be afraid of, as he isn't exactly toned. More to go for his looks- Pierre wears a comfortable (though stylish looking) sweater, as well as a dark blue jacket over that, and a white scarf. If its hot outside, he'll loose both the sweater and the jacket, and wear a black/dark gray-blue, button-up shirt with rolled up sleeves. He has somewhat tan skin (not incredibly tan, but most certainly not pale in any way), and wears a set of sniveling gray eyes that began light at their tops, but seem to gradually grow darker near to the bottom of his iris. Sir Pascal has a long row of wrist watches on one arm, and about three on the other wrist. They all show different times.
⊱ To say the least, Pierre is all that he goes for. He has a sort of con-artist trick to him, and often enjoys making up lies for the fun of it, or just to see what will happen. A danger about him, though, is that he does act on impulse, and although he is a much-beloved person among his piers, it isn't hard to see that the somewhat respectable exterior is a mere shadow at what could be a long ray of sly history. ⊱ Pierre can create sorts of illusions, making people see different things apart from reality. He can choose one person to bend their mind with, or if he so-chooses, can do it to an entire group. ⊱ Blood type O. ⊱ Lili

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PostSubject: Re: Humanity << Characters   Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:26 pm

♛ Vampire Coven ♛

➤ Leader

⊱ Jayce Andrew Bennett ⊱ 23/227 ⊱ If one were to sum up Jayce in two words they'd probably run along the lines of 'cynical' and 'anti-social.' Such features to accompany this description would be just about everything, though the one thing that truly defines him are his eyes. Those impassive, pale blue orbs always seem calculating, though on a regular basis, they're doing much more than that. They're cold, and so light that they're nearly as white as frost itself, and equally as cold, though the different hues vary on a daily basis. They're almost always narrowed, and it's pretty hard to escape the icy, frigid glare burning into the back of your head as you walk in the other direction. A companion to his eyes comes the wispy, unruly ebony hair which over his eyes and obstructs his sight, though he could care less. As if woven from midnight itself, it's onyx shade is as dark as night, only building on to the mysterious demeanor which he steadily maintains. He has rather pale, ghastly skin with little to no freckles or blemishes to flaw his skin, which is nearly as smooth as satin. He's got a slender, oval shaped head with high cheekbones and a slightly pointed, upturned nose which gives off somewhat of a judgemental, snobby essence. His lips are of average size, shaded a pale pink hue with a rather plush shape. His chin is somewhat pointed, and he has a prominent jawline and broad shoulders, with fine, chiseled collarbones. As a whole, Jayce could be catalogued as tall and lanky, despite his broad shoulders and chest. His muscles are somewhat toned, from what I do not know, due to the fact that he usually remains inside and doesn't engage in much. His lack of exposure to sunlight may explain the unusual paleness of his skin as well, though it may be his Irish ancestry and genetic makeup, because his family also share the pale skin gene. He stands at a pristine 6', definately able to make an impression, though he may not be the tallest.
⊱ Leader ⊱ O ⊱ Clove

➤ Second-In-Command

⊱ Jay Evens ⊱ 26/113 ⊱ I suppose to begin off with this character, you'll need a good stigma. Something to remember him by, yes? Well by far, he looks like any other man, has the stature of any other man, but despite all above... There's something remarkably unsettling about Jay Evens. Now. Its not that he's a vampire, for you've seen this trait long before he was turned into one, at age 26. No, it must be within his eyes, if anything. Crisp and light in color, they have a tenancy to appear as if they are looking right through you- cold shards of ice that prod and poke at wherever they please. But as a foil to that iceness, they can also be very hot. Not attractive sort of hot, but when angry, Jay Even's gaze seems to burn, and every last drip of his cool , sauve demeanor vanishes to the inexorable fire that were his eyes. He wears it well, being a man of many masks; you can never be sure which one he'll decide to put on... Now. Besides that, he's fairly average; stringy, dull but light brown hair, and a figure thats only the most common, as well as a reasonable height of 5'7. Jay will usually wear a sort of dressy outfit for an occasion that probably doesn't even exist. Usually, a white button-up top will do, as will black pants. Not extremely occasional, but he does seem to make a point of trying to be presentable. ⊱ I suppose its hard to write a definate personality for Jay Evens, considering as I've said in the description, he seems to change his mask as he changes his clothes. For one; he's a very trustable sort of person, or at least, appears so. His expression can convey that of full kindness and sympathy, almost completely covering up the unsettlingness of his motives. And at the same time, he can become very suave and arrogant fast- he can be a jokster, he can be serious, or, he can become very angry very quickly. Its hard to exactly pinpoint anything at all about Jay; though for a couple things being certain: He's rather self-concious, he becomes attatched to people very easily, and he has an odd desire to both except and hate what he truly is- but do nothing at all to fight it, like Eric does. ⊱ With and Without; he's 'part of the group', but you'll rarely see him with them. ⊱ A - matching his own ⊱ Lili

➤ Feasters/Fighters

⊱ Mabel Evens ⊱ 24/111 ⊱ She's the quieter half of Jay Evens, and you can see it in her looks, too. Mabel is somewhat shorter than him, with a flat chest, and almost 'boyish' appearance- though she doesn't have very rough edges at all. The girl has milk chocolate brown skin, and black, curly hair she keeps in a side-ponytail, and usually wears a hat over. Mabel is slim, but not bony or weak looking, either. With deep brown eyes, she's much less unsettling than what Jay appears to be, and its quite easy to trust her compared to trusting him. ⊱ Mabel is quiet, reserved, and more of an independent thinker than anything. She won't go with the crowd, or care what anyone thinks of her at all- except for Jay. She'll follow him to the ends of the earth, almost like a lost dog, and will defend him with her life. In fact, she doesn't necessarily agree with anything he does- but what keeps them stickier than glue would have to be the strange, unexplained brotherly and sisterly bond they both have with one another. Mabel doesn't say that (usually letting Jay do the talking), but is the more watchful, protective of the two, as well. It won't be uncommon for Jay to attempt to get out of a situation with his words- though never very good with the latter, Mabel appears to find it easier to fight her way out, and isn't afraid to threaten others. To put it bluntly, she's both more radical, and more subtle than he is. She's not a risk-taker, but she's more than willing to risk her own death for Jay. In fact, it appears that her whole life is centered around those she loves, truly earning her the good term 'loyal'. ⊱ With and Without; he's 'part of the group', but you'll rarely see her with them. ⊱ B - matching her own ⊱ Lili

⊱ Keith Alexander Cosmore ⊱ 19/65 ⊱ [Nobody would really classify Keith as 'normal' but hey, isn't everyone a bit peculiar? Well, Keith definitely matches that description. The combination of fiery red hair and tentative green eyes usually results in an active interpretation of an outgoing personality, but in reality Keith is extremely relaxed. He has shaggy, bright orange hair that drapes over his eyes and conceals about half of his vision. His eyes, a neutral hue of green, are elusive and challenging. The almost always contain a benign aspect, welcoming others to come forward into his vast circle of acquaintances. They contain grey flecks scattered about the iris, making them all the more intriguing to look at. He has thick lashes that sweep over the edges of his eyes. His head is slender, with a prominent jawline and cheekbones. His nose is rather askew, curving downwards. It resembled a toucan's beak, and the nickname Toucan is derived from such. He has soft pink, set lips nicely contrast with his pale, creamy skin, as smooth as satin. His skin contains a rosy pigment, splashing color to his ghoulish cheeks.
His neck slopes into broad, bony shoulders and lengthy arms with thin, clever fingers and freckles splashed about his wrists. He has an overall sturdy build despite his many slender features, and long, lanky legs. The muscles in his limbs are well toned, and he stands at a prime height of 6'2. Not the tallest but definitely able to make an impression. ⊱ Keith is probably one of the funniest guys you'll ever come into contact with. He's quick witted, always on his toes, with a sassy element to everything he says. He's respectful to everyone, though, rarely intentionally rude. He's tough, can endure much more than expected, and has a very relaxed complexion. But that's his fatal flaw— compassion. Seeing anyone in pain, crying out— it eats away at him. Guilt, generosity, whatever— and he'll try to assist in any way he can. Some can say that Keith lacks feelings, due to his reserved nature, but that's the opposite. He has a kind covering, like a shell, and as you dig deeper, the humor and sarcasm burrows out of him and makes itself known. He's a softie, honestly, the all around, fun loving, dangerous sort of guy. He's quite the romantic- flirty, charming, and somewhat subdued, but if he really likes you, he'll complicate things. Mystery is his favorite game and let me tell you, he's mastered it with experience. He's rather out spoken and thrives in the spotlight, though he's an excellent listening ear to someone who needs a shoulder to lean on. Secrets excite him, where minor ones are swiftly in the open if Keith is the selected protector, seeing them as ineffective. However, if you entrust him with a large secret, he'll stand by his promise to keep it a secret, and won't talk, even under pressure. He's rather flirtatious and playful, playing mind games with his 'victims', being so persuasive and versatile. ⊱ He strives to become a leader, though he's currently a fighter. ⊱ All, but O is his fave. ⊱ Clove

➤ Blood Bags (Other vampires feed off of them.)


⊱ Kody Fletcher ⊱ 20/32 ⊱ Absolutely nothing about Kody really stands out to anybody - he simply seems to blend in to the background most of the time. Despite generally having the usual athleticism, speed and strength of a vampire, he's obviously lacking in physique. He has a defined, rather lanky shape and even though he does possess natural strength and speed, compared to most vampires, he's rather the weakling. He has side-swept, dark ash-blonde hair atop a wide head. His hair falls slightly over his right eye. Kody doesn't like to make himself stand out or be obvious, and will dress in dark colours and shades, mostly black and greys, and he opts to most often walk around barefoot. His narrow, wide-set eyes are dark midnight-blue in colour, and dart around his surroundings in a nervous manner. He has a long, pointed nose and a rather jutting structure, for he is thin and almost fragile in appearance. His fangs are a little less prominent than most vampires, but still easily seem in his smile. ⊱ Lacking in any balance and skill, Kody is incredibly clumsy and can quite easily leave a trail of destruction in his wake. Somehow, he still manages to get his share of blood though, and he tries to feed often and plentifully. He's a carefree and easily amused spirit, except he does fit in to the vampire stereotype. He doesn't care about his victims, and is mostly self-centred. Always the optimist, Kody is the kind of person who takes like as it comes, and he soon realised after becoming a vampire that when it came to blood, he had no choice, and therefore he doesn't waste his thoughts on regrets. This inexperienced vampire is one with an attitude changing quickly and often. He's either pretending to be very busy, or is being lazy and doing nothing at all, and between wanting all of the company possible to wanting to be completely alone. Truthfully, Kody dislikes long periods of time alone and years for friendship and socialisation. The reason for him being a blood bank is that he feels obliged to be useful to the coven when his abilities are so lacking, but that doesn't mean he's always completely willing. Unluckily for him it doesn't take much to bully him in to anything though and he'll try and avoid having to fight if he can help it. ⊱ Blood Bank ⊱ His first choice would be O, but he's not one to be picky about it. ⊱ Tempo

⊱ Adelric Eberstark ⊱ 19/270 ⊱ Adelric has long, black hair with a somewhat brown tint. His hair - which sticks out at slight strands on the end, giving him a crazed look - falls in all-which ways to the edge of his neck. He has a slight German accent, being born and growing up there before becoming a vampire. His piercing, glowing red eyes have a yellow tint to them - as if possibly he has seen too much in his life. His eyes reveal a dark, sinister life - both that of a human and as a vampire - making him look wise and unforgiving. His more tanned skin-tone shows that he is older hen a lot of the other vampires alive - he has enough strength to not be afraid to walk out in the sun. He has tense lips that always end in a judgmental scowl, like he is better then you are - and quite possibly, he is. He has a long trenchcoat that falls just beneath the edge of his loose-fitting, black jeans. With a studded belt and matching boots, he has the look of what he is- intimidating vampire. Being Eric's sire -or the one that created him - he can be a mentor to him, at times when needed. ⊱ Adelric's personality can be hard to read- his tense, awful jokes never let's you know if he is trustworthy or not. Obnoxiously arrogant at times, he loves to be the master of put-downs as well as witty, dark truths. He has a great instinct towards people - whether they are good or evil - and he has grown stern with many people.While he likes to joke around, he doesn't give others the same break. Wanting to get to the point of things, he is quite wise and the decisions he makes are quite final - unless yo want him to become an enemy. He may seem dark, intimidating and enticing, but he looks out for those who have kinder spirits. He believes that every vampire has a choice - They can either become the monster they were destined to be, or become strong and be who they really are. The person shows whether they are capable of strength or not. His first impressions never leave him, and he doesn't think too much about the human race. ⊱ Former Leader, he is now a Loner ⊱ Blood Type B- ⊱ Fox

⊱ Ferarra Alice Enning ⊱ 17/107 ⊱ Ferrara is a punk looking girl. She has dyed reddish hair that is up in a quiff with the sides of her hair shaved. She has glowing amber eyes usually surrounded by a small amount of eyeliner. She is tall and thin, normally wearing slim fitting hoodies and leggings or skinny jeans. Another thing she tends to wear is black leather. She has a look about her that can draw you near to her with her odd qualities. She tends to carry needles in her back pocket that she uses almost as a mark; when she is done feeding on somone she will stick the needles in the bite marks. ⊱ This is no quirky cute happy girl. She wants to kill everything that moves. Her eyes are her most deceitful feature, allowing her to look one way but think another. She tends to be a trouble maker on top of that, rebelling against orders (when she's not dealing them out), doing her own thing. This has gotten her into countless bad situations which she shrugs off. ⊱ AB and B ⊱ ƒaux

➤ Loners

⊱ Felicity Barker ⊱ 14/30 ⊱ Having a beautiful half-white-half-Jamaican complexion, Felicity has light brown skin with slightly darker freckles on her shoulders, nose, and under her eyes. Chocolaty brown eyes glare up at you with a red, glowing outline around her iris. Because of her ethnicity, she doesn't have pale skin like a normal vampire. Being slightly curvy- as curvy as a fourteen-year-old can be, at least- Felicity stands at 5'4, weighing 110 pounds. Her small demeanor might make you think she's an easy target, but she had learned from an old vampire in her first few years of life before her coven was brutally murdered by another. Because of this, she enjoys humans more then her own kind. Felicity wears feathers in her hair, one at a time, tucked behind her ear. She's collected them over the years, but her favorite to accessorize with is a great-horned-owl. She wears faded jeans a bit too loose, a indie-styled shirt, and a gray beanie. Her shimmering dark brown locks curl towards her waist. ⊱ Felicity can be called "too independent," quick to turn hostile towards others and prefers to be alone in her imagination. She is quite creative, but she doesn't tell a lot of people about her arts-n-crafts hobby- who would she tell? She doesn't like to be touched in any way, and if you go near her personal bubble she'll give you a swift kick to the head. She is quite untrusting and hard to get by, but once you break her heavy walls she will spill all her secrets. Felicity prefers humans, even though they can be just as cruel as vampires, because she was never supposed to be a vampire. A Master Vampire Lord in one of the cities in which she lived as a human, bit her one night she was with a group of friends. After that, she's wished to be nothing but a mere human, and might act like one more then her own kind at times. She usually has weapons at hand and is always anxious to do something to busy herself with. Felicity can surprise you at just how well she fends for herself. ⊱ Blood Preference AB ⊱ Fox

⊱ Ellian Evens ⊱ 14/92 ⊱ Ellian has a memorable face. It's thin and sure-jawed with high cheek bones and a thin sloping nose. She has small dark brown eyes with a lighter ring of golden yellow around her pupil. They often will glare at you, silently judging and observing. Her shoulders are regular sized and bony, leading to long arms and her skinny abdomen. Her legs as well are long and skinny, not very muscled though. She tends to be on the frail side but you'd never guess that by the way she presents herself. Overall she is a small (5'2") structured girl with a worn look. Mouth almost never open it often is in a blunt frown or just a plain straight face. She has some small darker freckles from her cheek bones to the bridge of her nose. She has dark brown hair that is straight and hangs down just below her shoulders. Often it is pulled into a loose side-braid or some type of low do that is manageable and not over the top. She is a very edgy person. Once on the brink of insanity and still occasionally has a look in her eyes that makes you want to stay away. She tends to wear bland easy to throw on clothing. Often this includes leggings and too-long sweaters that tend to be quite soft and comfortable. Normally dull in color. That's the way she likes things to be. Comfortable. Ever since she was young her best friend has been her brother Jay. It was so hard for her when they drove him out because he turned. That is when she almost lost sanity. Because of her brother. She soon ran away and asked a vampire to turn her, so she could spend eternity looking for him. Not sparing any humans that got in her way, including her mother. She lacks regret for killing her. ⊱ Ellian is not one to look back on something she did. She does things then pushes them away like false truths. This has left her untrusting of others and more of a listener of a talker. Growing up with Jay caused her to be a bit snarky bt laid back with the ones she cares about. The people she doesn't know however, she silently studies. Watches their every move though you'd never notice she was doing so. She has a sneaky way about her that makes her overall appearance just seems hidden and mysterious. A demeanor that causes many people to be afraid of her before even speaking to the girl. Low and behold she does quite love her brother, perhaps more than she could ever love anyone else. Though he quite annoys her in almost every and any way possible it seems there is just a happiness she finds with him that is nowhere else in the world- the core reason she had to find him once more. ⊱ Loner ⊱ Anything with blood. ⊱ ƒaux
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