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 Humanity << Joining

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PostSubject: Humanity << Joining   Humanity << Joining Icon_minitimeWed Jul 03, 2013 7:41 pm

♟ Supernatural Form ♟

⊱ Full Name Here. ⊱ Age Here. ⊱ Full Description Here. ⊱ Personality Here. ⊱ Power Here. ⊱ Blood Type Here. ⊱ Username. ⊱ Position Here.

♛ Vampire Form ♛
⊱ Full Name Here. ⊱ Age/Actual Age Here. ⊱ Full Description Here. ⊱ Personality Here. ⊱ Leadership Here. (How powerful are you in the coven? Are you a loner?) ⊱ Blood Preferences Here. ⊱ Username.

♞ Scientist (Human) Form ♞

⊱ Full Name Here. ⊱ Age Here. ⊱ Full Description Here. ⊱ Personality Here. ⊱ Blood Type Here. ⊱ Job Here. ⊱ Username.


⊱ Christopher Prise ⊱ Seventeen ⊱ Tanned skin and a hard jawline, Chris always has a 5 'oclock shadow. Black tousled hair falls in front of his eyes and sweeps to the side, even though it ends up falling into his pale green eyes. He is built, but not huge like an oak. He stands 5'7", with scars running down his body from fights, with countless vampire-fang scars. He almost always has a stern frown and his eyes seem vacant. Wearing a simple black shirt and jeans, Chris is always pushing himself, making his leaned body more toned. ⊱ Practical and quiet, Chris is the type of leader that will always speak solemnly, but bring reassurance to his family. They are all he has left, after his parents betrayal - his betrayal - his memories haunt his days, as well as night terrors that he has frequently, but will never expose this to anyone, even though everyone already knows by now. He hates how everyone knows his weaknesses, which makes him feel like he has everything to prove to everyone. He tries to push himself to the point of exhaustion quite frequently, and ends up passing out each night. He has become somewhat numb, and has lost a lot of his childish empathy and playfulness. He is always serious, and doesn't take joking to idly. Most people have learned to back off of him by now. But he is fiercely protective, and gives everyone a sense of safety. ⊱ Temporary Mind Control (Lasts up to 5 minutes.) ⊱ Blood Type AB ⊱ Fox
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Humanity << Joining
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