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 Shattering √ werewolf roleplay

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Shattering √ werewolf roleplay Empty
PostSubject: Shattering √ werewolf roleplay   Shattering √ werewolf roleplay Icon_minitimeMon Jun 16, 2014 1:54 am

our teeth bared,
we crawl out of a disheveled night
to reveal our presence.

newborn wolf,
you are not alone.
do not fret,
for we are the protectors of this land.

we shall teach you how to balance human and beast.
- Luke

This is a werewolf roleplay, simple as that. Enemy packs and humans shall draw closer to our territory. They always do. Be warned, for guns can harm us. We are not indestructable.  Even mountain lions have been known to kill our kind. We are the protectors and instigators of the Northern Forests, which branch out between Washington to Canada.


Alpha ;; Luke Barringston

Human - Wolf

- Luke is 20 years old, with a quick wit and a slightly sharp temper. He tries to keep the pack in line, but can push fellow members too hard and be seen as intimidating to approach and get personal with. He can be quite mysterious, and usually has short replies. On rare occasions, he can be surprisingly to the point and quite honest about things. The intuition he has can shock most other members. He is the one you come to for pack drama, delegating problems and taking them away so the members can focus of protecting the pack as well as innocent people.

Beta ;;

Other ;;

Ezraya "Ezzy" Cabella

Human - Wolf

- Ezzy is a 15 year old girl, with a knack for nature and other animals. She can be seen as quite a hippy and tree-hugger, and refuses to hunt other animals. She makes homemade remedies and medicines for the other wolves, and has taken on the role of a healer. She is usually really nice, a pushover, and tries not to get into any drama or fights. However, once you strike an opinion that is against hers, such as women's rights, you will be sorry.
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Shattering √ werewolf roleplay
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